13 Tips To Get Started On Twitter

Here are 13 Tips On Using Twitter Authentically

1. The Golden Rule applies here too. Use Twitter the way you would want to have others use it, and don’t just use it to sell your product or book, advertise your web-page or courses.
2. Don’t ask others to Re-tweet. A “please re-tweet” generally gets the opposite response, as the nature of Twitter IS to re-tweet, and pass on one tweet to another. You’ve enjoyed something? Share it.
3. Use lists. Twitter world is constantly moving. You can download many apps on to smart phones to do this, and some are easier than Twitter online to use. Best to use an App that allows you to put people into public or private lists, where you can be sure you then capture what they say, as otherwise you find it stressful wading through all your tweets in your timeline.
4. Engage with people! Respond to them, visibly or by the message service. A personal direct message is infinitely preferable to an automatic one.
5. Subscribe to a free unfollow site – there are quite a number on Twitter who simply add you to boost their numbers, and then quietly leave you – with this site (or App), you can quietly unfollow them back. It’s not about numbers – some of the biggest accounts have simply bought their followers.
6. Twitter works on proportions of followers to following, and at some point you won’t be able to add any more contacts. It’s tempting at the beginning to just add everyone, but I’ve learned just to add those who benefit me (information etc) or who genuinely interact with me, just as in real life.
7. You can block people who spam you, and report spam. See here – http://support.twitter.com/articles/117063-how-to-block-users-on-twitter#
8. Hashtags (#) are important, and probably the USP of Twitter. You can search for “happiness” and will find all the tweets that have that word in it, or you can search #happiness, which narrows the search down considerably for you.
9. Although you are allowed 140 characters, use only 124 or so, as that makes it really easy for others to re-tweet you.
10. Abbreviations rock. TY means thank you. RT means Re-tweet, and #FF means Follow Friday, where you recommend people others can follow.
11. Always read something before you re-tweet it – it might be spam, or a link to a porn site that you hadn’t expected.
12. Links take up valuable space, so shorten them. Hootsuite does this nicely (free at the basic level), or use goo.gl or other similar sites. Don’t just post the link – put a “headline” in the tweet that encourages people to open it.
13. You’ll find lots of useful information here:

If you can think of any others, do let me know…

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