30 days to change a habit – Project Me – 39/101

One month in, I wasn’t sure if I would say anything had changed, but of course it has.  Taking time to become present and aware has helped flush so many things out, show me many habits I had that were unhelpful, and given me peace and purpose again. I know now that:

1. Nourishing me first is a priority

2. Movement was something I had forgotten, and I was out of balance in so many ways

3. It’s important to focus on the good in relationships – and change ME

4. It’s time to work on my beliefs on wealth and debt, plenty and generosity

5. I create my haven wherever I am

6. My key purpose is to encourage others to be happier; I am a haven

7. It’s belonging I need, the house of belonging

8. New routines help, including coming in to the house in the evening and not going straight into making dinner

9. I am managing my “electronic” life better, and have unsubscribed from a number of emails

10. I am finding affirmations to deal with negative self talk, learning to be gentle on myself

11. I am properly grateful for so much in my life – not just writing it,but feeling it, right down to the food I have, for which I give thanks for

12. I have actually begun to medidate, via Deepak Chopra’s 21 Day Challenge

13. I write for myself and the world

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