Vivere – Dare To Live!

Last night I was at a housewarming where I was introduced as a life coach and when asked what I “did”, I said I help people dare to be happier.  “No matter what is going on in your life, we could all be happier than we are right now; none of us is so sorted that we can’t make some changes in our lives that could make it better.”

Driving home this morning, I heard Lenny Henry talk about his “inheritance tracks” – one song he would pass on to others that he had inherited, and one song he himself would pass on.  He chose “Blueberry Hill” from his dad, saying his mum had passed on her sense of humour to him.  The track he chose to pass his daughter was Vide Cor Meum – – from the soundtrack of the second Hannibal film, where one song made him sit up in the cinema going “what IS that music”, and he went on to say that when his mother died he played it non stop.

It got me thinking.  My dad was a pipe major, and for many years I couldn’t listen to pipe bands at all, but it would be a song my mum loved called Rambling Rose that I would pass on, as it was so much a part of my childhood.  Wondering what I would pass to my children, I knew it would be one I loved that reminded them to live!  Two of my favourite songs are  Bon Jovi’s It’s My Life, or I Hope You Dance by Leanne Womack,  but as I listened to the song Lenny had chosen, I thought that while I loved these passionately, a song that touched their souls might be better.  And for me, that would have to be Vivere by Gerardina Trovato & Andrea Bocelli.

I have never ever heard that song sung in English, and never thought to translate it as I don’t speak a word of Italian apart from Ciao.  I had no idea what it meant, just loved the music – and that’s really unusual for me, as it’s nearly always the music AND the lyrics that matter to me.  I thought I would come home and google the meaning but got sidetracked by something I needed to do.  I went and got all my old journals, ripped the backs of them, and burned them all.  All of them, going back to 2006 when I last did this.  I knew it was time for me to move on, and yes there will be much wisdom in there, but there is a lot of pain too, and it was time to let that all go.  I took photos this time as the pages curled and words stayed clear like “Making waves.”  Then I went into my haven/office, searched for the translation, and promptly burst into tears at the miracle of timing – for this is what that song says:

Try looking at tomorrow, not yesterday,
and all the things you left
all those tender words you did not say
the gentle touch you
couldn’t find
In these days of nameless faces
there’s no one truth, but
only pieces
my life is all I have to give
Dare to live! Until the very
Dare to live! Forget about the past
Dare to live!
Giving something
of yourself to others
Even when it seems there is
nothing more left to

But if you saw on your doorstep
the man who sleeps in
cardboard box,
if you were to listen to the world
one morning without
the noise of the rain,
you, who can create with your voice,
you think the
thoughts of the people, then, about God, there is only one God.

has ever taught us how to live,
to live is not possible without the
to live is beautiful even though you
never asked for it;
will be a song
and someone to sing it.

Dare to live!
Searching for
that one true love
Why, why, why, why
do you not live tonight?
Dare to
You know what I’m talking of
Why. why, why, why
do you not live
Dare to live!
Until the very last
Why, why, why?
Life is not
Your life is all you have to give
Because you did not live it.
Dare to live!
Until the very last
Why, why, why?
Life is not
Your life is all you have to give
Because you never lived it.
will say no
I will say yes
Say dare to live!
Dare to live!

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