A Happy Box

My eldest daughter moved to a different part of Scotland at the weekend to get ready for her new teaching job.  We’ve had many conversations about how your attitude makes all the difference in life and about how happiness is a choice. 

Mostly, I remember that and walk my talk – and I can now talk myself out of a downward or moaning spiral very quickly, and I’ve found all manner of ways to remind myself to do that.    One of them is my happy box, so I thought I would make one for her.

I found a lovely box that I’d kept for it’s heart shape, and I put some little inexpensive gifts in – a tiny bar of chocolate (as she’s adores chocolate; this is a girl who ate eight creme eggs in one day), a little bottle of bath bubbles and the cutest tiny plastic duck, a bookmark to remind her how important good friends are etc. 

And I wrote her this note:

This is your happy box – everyone should have one.  It’s for you to put in the things that remind you to be happy:

– a wee duck for lovely baths
– a bookmark to remind you how good friends are
– chocolate (of course, chocolate! Chocolate might just solve world peace!)
There’s room in the box for you to put things in and I suggest you use it to put noties/cards and other reminders in of the things that make you happy.  If you don’t know what makes you happy, start noticing that NOW – and write it down, and then put it in the box.   Things like
– the name and number of someone you know will chear you up if you ring them
– some films that make you happier
– some books that make you feel happier
– some quotes that make you feel happier
– some music that makes you feel happier
– some foods that you could make that you really enjoy
– some treats that make you feel better (a cup of proper coffee, a Starbucks, a massage)
– some things to do that make you feel happier (a walk by the sea, 30 minutes in the gym, baking a cake)
You see, you need this because when you are not feeling happy (or you are feeling less than totally positive), your mind finds it harder to remember these things.  Having these reminders all-ready in a box means you only need to remember one thing – your box.
And you could even keep a journal to record how you felt before and how you felt afterwards – and then you can see how what you think and do affects your happiness.  Simples.

It IS simples – try it and see for yourself.  Love, Carolinex


0 thoughts on “A Happy Box

  1. Word (((HUGS))) August 12, 2012 / 8:23 pm

    I absolutely love, love, love this idea, Caroline. Thank you for the idea. I will be making my own happy box at your recommendation. x …Sandra

    • happinessvirus August 13, 2012 / 10:22 am

      Oh I’m glad to hear that, Sandra! I’m working on a new box, on the basis of Project Me – it’s a Nurture Box and I hope to post on that this week.. 🙂

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