Anniversaries, Love, Luck and Blessings

Recently I was asked if I felt I was lucky. After some thought I said, yes… but I called it being blessed. Here’s one reason why.

Happy anniversary…to me!

Nine years ago I married my husband. The children called him Mr Genius Man because there’s very little he can’t do! I call him Lee.

Our wedding was such a beautiful day. It was a second marriage for us both, and we’ve both known the pain of vows gone wrong and rejection. So we took our vows even more seriously this time – and he has loved and cherished me every single day since. I am not on a pedestal, but I know how wonderful he thinks I am, and he quite simply makes me more than I ever thought I could be. What a gift.

But there’s more…

….because our vows were pretty special. Lee married me…and took on my four teenagers as part of a package. Four children? When I applied to one dating agency, that fact was met with silence and then a comment that it might be hard to find anyone….

But I did. The Universe gave me Lee – and he fell in love with me – and just started to love all four children too. We found a pastor who allowed us to make our own vows. So after Lee promised to love, cherish, honour me…he did exactly the same with each of my children, by name. I remember feeling such great love and emotion from the forty close friends and family that were there. And I remember standing with such joy as he did that, even as a wave of tears started behind us that just swept across the room. They knew Lee. They knew he would take this seriously. And he has. I am so lucky. We are so lucky. We are all, quite simply, blessed….


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  1. Maganda Photos February 26, 2014 / 9:22 am

    Prayers for many more years of blessings! Happy Anniversary!

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