Are you repeatedly miserable?

Are you miserable?
Are you repeatedly miserable?
Or angry, or filled with sadness or hate because others have wronged you?
If all we do is get angry when someone wrongs us, if we fail to set and maintain our boundaries or speak our truth, allow people to keep hurting us so we are like a punch bag that gets knocked down, only to bounce back to get more of the same – then it’s time to change.
Eventually our anger will turn outwards to rage, or inwards to depression, we will react violently (even if that’s emotional rather than physical) to the overstepping of our boundaries – or that punch bag will get damaged or burst, .
Know what presses your buttons and then DO something to change things. Even a little step matters.  And if you are struggling to do that yourself – isn’t it time to invest in a coach to support you?

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