Be Your Own Hero

“You owe it to all of us to get on with what you’re good at.” W.H.Auden

I came across this quote yesterday via Jane Talbot of Humans Resourced on Facebook.  It remdinded me to stop dithering, or splashing round the edges of things I could do – and stop standing in the shadows.  We all have gifts, and so many of us long to do something other than what we do now, but don’t take the action we need to take.  The statements below would be good ones to work through with your journal; what do they mean to you?  Find your answers within; too often, we look to others to guide, direct, lead – when all the time we could do it ourselves/  We could be our own heroes.    The world – YOUR world – is just waiting for you to be yourself….. –


  1. I shall not obsess over others’ success: not copying, idolizing, or mindlessly emulating.
  2. I shall know my purpose and know why I’m doing something.
  3. I shall ally myself to a tribe with a common purpose, though the tribe’s members may work in vastly different fields and forms.
  4. I will make ideas stronger by uniting with others to do great work, not by holding my ideas all to myself but releasing them into the wild.
  5. I recognize the truth in the credo that the future is not created, the future is co-created and will do my part as a part of the whole.

Nilofer Merchant

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