Because Wild Women Do

When the four of us got together and started firing ideas off about what we could all do together, using all of our skills and interests, we were doing more than blue-sky thinking.  We were thinking in rainbows! Ideas were being pulled from nowhere and since we weren’t evaluating them some were quite outrageous.  But we all had the similar theme of empowering women, of giving them the skills to be Who They Were.  And this must, of course, mean letting their wild side out.  That side that often gets hidden away except when with another group of women, or for some, with a group of adoring men…. and well, perhaps, it was time to start being a little wild even?  And so the Wild Women Do group was born, and we’d meet up once every few months – still not knowing what we would do together, but encouraging each other to just BE Who We Were, and to Do What We Loved – or just wanted to do! 

And then we met up and found that Leslie was on her own journey to wildness, to letting go of what needed to go so she could start afresh.  After an anxious few weeks, we heard she’d been diagnosed with cancer and needed a radical hysterectomy.  That might stop it, or she might need chemotherapy, that depended on what the scans said.  And so we followed her through her surgery and rejoiced when she started to recover, only to find that her wound opened up and needed sorted again… and that yes, she would need chemotherapy….. And Andrew, her husband of just a year, was adopted as an honoury Wild Woman, when we heard that he was going to shave all his purple hair off (yes, purple) to raise money for MacMillan Cancer, and so that he and Leslie would go through a similar journey.  Both Shaman’s, their world view supports the whole concept of journeys and lessons to be learned, of moving between past and present.  On Friday, one Wild Woman and one Honorary Wild Woman met up with us in between hysterectomy recovery and just prior to the chemotherapy to celebrate friendship, inspiration, courage and love.  Andrew, we’ll be there for the Close Shave.  Leslie, we’ll be there however you need us.  What a great night we all had.  Love to you all xx

0 thoughts on “Because Wild Women Do

  1. Leslie Marsh July 5, 2010 / 7:43 am

    Both of us give a big thank you and a voluminous hug to all our Wild Women compatriots. Andrew has gone off to fix whatever just got in his eye when he read the post.
    Wild Women do and we are on our adventure with you guys all the way – never less than totally WhoooooHooooo! Now time to go get that wig.
    Cheers dears from the Shaman of the Purple Hair and the one who has yet to choose the colour! xxxx

  2. intrepidjane July 5, 2010 / 2:42 pm

    It was a wild night 😉 (And Leslie was GLOWING!)

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