Don’t let your history control your destiny 

Whether we do so consciously or unconsciously, we make choices all the time. 
Little choices. Big choices. Many of them seemingly black or white with no room for variance or in betweens…

Left or right

Up or down

Here or there

Him or her

Now or never. 

How many of our choices should we take responsibility for? Absolutely every one of them. 

When we take responsibility for our choices, we stop blaming other people. By taking responsibility for the choices we made in the past – what we did, what we failed to do – we need to do so with love and compassion for ourselves. We were just doing the best we could at the time. Now we know better, we will choose better as we learn to make better choices for our future. 

We will look forward and create a future we want, the success we want, the relationships we long for, the home of our dreams, the community that supports us. 

We do it step by step, one choice at a time… and then we don’t let our history control our destiny. 

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