Getting Back On Track – The Mid Year Review

My favourite author is Cheryl Richardson. I’m so excited I will get to hear her speak in September at I Can Do It!    I read her book Stand Up For Your Life at a critical time in my life, and all that is good in my life now is quite possibly because of the changes I made as a result.  None of it was rocket science, much of it wasn’t new –  but it was new to me, and I began to learn about boundaries and nurturing, saying yes, and the okayness of saying no as I worked my way through the questions she asked.   Taking time to answer the right questions has such an amazing effect – even if it only changes one little thing, all others will change too, as they must adjust to account for the change.

So here are her questions for the mid-point of the year, a good time to just check in and see how things are going if you made resolutions, or like me, chose to have an overarching theme for the year instead.  Get your journal out, and just see what you discover – and remember to focus on the positive changes you’ve made, knowing that this review gives you the opportunity to get back on track….


1. How have you grown this year?  Are you more confident, less apt to tolerate inappropriate behavior, or more courageous? 


2. What positive changes have you made to your environment?


3. How are you taking better care of yourself?  Your body?  Your mind?


4. What have you done to protect your sensitivity?


5. Have you been able to disappoint people gracefully in order to honor your needs?


6. Are you starting your day in a whole new way?


7. How have you been a better partner, spouse, friend, or co-worker?  


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