Happy International Women’s Day! Stay true to who you are…. #IWD

I simply love this inspirational guest post by my friend Toni Shonibare….

Happy international Women’s day, ladies. Stay true to who you are. Recognise the strength and beauty that you were blessed with.

I want to thank those of you who step up whether willingly or not to be there for the absent fathers in your children’s lives. Your role is absolutely necessary.

I want to thank those who push for equality regardless of the personal cost they may face. Break through that glass ceiling ladies. It’s yours for the taking.

I also want to thank my beautiful mother for showing me the very definition of what a strong woman should be. Whilst you like many other women drive me crazy sometimes, the world would be an unpleasant place without you in it.

Sincerely yours

Signed ( a man who realises that things aren’t always stacked evenly)


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