Heartbreak to Happiness

Isn’t it wonderful how different people are inspired at different times to do similar things? Here’s one story of “happy boxes” or “happy bags.” I will share another tomorrow.

My friend Kim teaches people many things. One of them is how to be happier by making Happy Bags. And she “practices what she preaches” – for in
her book, From Heartbreak to Happiness, she shares how she dared to be happier after the loss of her son Callum, to meningitis.

She also shares how she was inspired by a book she used to read Callum, called My Huge Box of Worries. It’s a story about a little girl who carried all her worries around with her until one day she decided to empty the box. That’s a great story in itself – but it got Kim thinking about how nature doesn’t like vacuums, so an empty box would need to be filled. What better than happiness to fill it with? But what if “life happened” and you couldn’t remember what made you happier or even imagine you might ever be happier again?

She tells how she went on to develop workshops for children and adults to help them make happy bags in advance to remind them how to be happier in more challenging times and in her book, she guides you in making your own.

I highly recommend her book and you will find more about Kim here:



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