Just One Change

When I accept responsibility for my life, I have to do something to change what no longer serves my highest good. I can no longer blame others, my past, my genes, my parents, the government or the weather.

It creates possibilities. Of change. Of the future I want rather than the present I have. Of being willing to change, willing to let go of what no longer serves me, willing to see things frim new angles. Of learning new lessons and then harnessing that learning to make different conscious choices about what I do – or don’t do.

This creates a continuum of change that steers us to who knows where and moves us to meeting people we would not otherwise have met. One change is all it takes. Even if that one change is to start to think differently, we are already changed and can never quite go back to where we were. So for that reason, it can feel a little uncomfortable as it is less than totally familiar; but know that is normal and it will pass quickly as how you are becomes your new normal.

And all of this happens when I decide to grow up and accept responsibility for who I am.

Happy Graduation.


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