Made some bad decisions? You can still create a great life…

A pilgrim walked through difficult landscapes. 
“As he traveled, he saw a great deal of suffering and conflict, getting more discouraged each day. Finally, he happened upon a shop that promised him his heart’s desires. The pilgrim asked for peace – within his family and the world. He asked for health, for freedom for all, and many other good things. 

The shopkeeper, looking very downcast, apologised to the man. “I should have explained. We don’t supply the fruits here. We only supply the seeds.”
In transitions, God provides the seeds; what we do with them is up to us. We can toss them in a drawer and forget about them. Or we can plant them in the garden and wait to see what grows next spring. God can work with anything – good and bad decisions alike – and still help us create our lives out of the choices we’ve made.”

Debra K Farrington 

One thought on “Made some bad decisions? You can still create a great life…

  1. Gillian June 6, 2015 / 7:19 pm

    Just what I needed to read. Thank you

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