Old Year’s Revolutions

My youngest daughter used to call them New Year’s Revolutions, (and I guess If what you resolve to do transforms you, then revolutions is probably a better word than resolution anyway).

I don’t make resolutions! Let’s get that out there. I found they set me up too often for failure, so instead, I have a theme, or themes for the year. And then what adventures I have!

I’m working on 2013’s just now, as though the theme comes through strongly towards the end of a year, it is only by reviewing the previous year that the theme gets refined.

So what have I learned this year?

I’ve learned that dreams are vital, as it is our imagination connected to soul longings that moves us forward. I also know that if one route doesn’t work to get to that dream, try another!

I’ve learned that my mind had taken over and disconnected from my body and it’s now time to reconnect them.

I’ve learned that I’m an adventurer at heart. A traveller, not a tourist. I’ve ticked off some of my bucket list and found great joy in doing so. Highlights are an evening on the fabulous Orient Express, a wonderful weekend in Brinsop Court, a week in Egypt, a long weekend in Rome with my girls, and a wonderfully romantic weekend in a French Gypsy Caravan in the Scottish Borders with my husband.

I’ve learned I need solitude too, with a weekend spent in a Buddhist monastery and I’ve then crossed specific time off throughout the year to repeat this at home.

I’ve learned to forgive old deep hurts and let the people involved go by seeing the wounded angel inside them.

I’ve learned that friendship is more important than connections and numbers and that friendship requires time, nurture, patience and love. I’ve also learned that friends will surprise and disappoint you and let you down, and I’ve learned to let that go, recognise the soul lessons – and remember I’ve probably done the same myself.

And oh how I’ve learned the blessing of soul friends!

I’ve learned from failure to see what really matters to me. For example, it was the failure to get a job I applied for that made me see my heart lies in coaching and writing. I also learned that it was okay to try things (like Meet Ups or courses in particular venues) to see if they worked for me or not.

I’ve learned to distance myself from negativity, and those who are argumentative for the sake of “debate” as that generates only heat, not light.

I’ve also learned to distance myself from those who are persistently unkind.

I’ve learned to nurture myself – and that the world doesn’t fall apart when I do that.

I’ve learned that some will misjudge your motives for doing something. Perhaps there may be mixed motives in what we do, but we can’t always see that ourselves so with as honest a heart as we can, we should still do what we intend to do.

I’ve learned that I love the area I live in as well as my home, and to make my home a haven.

I’ve learned that I’m transformed by solitude, journaling and focus (through specific themes or projects).

I’ve learned I still need to work on thoughtfulness, patience and graciousness.

What have YOU learned?


0 thoughts on “Old Year’s Revolutions

  1. Jane January 2, 2013 / 9:43 am

    Rich learning here for us all!

  2. Jan January 2, 2013 / 2:12 pm

    Thank you so much for this Caroline. Sent me on a journey of my own.

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