Our Spiritual Change Agents

People come in to our lives for a reason – and they leave for a reason. Sometimes we will know why (circumstances, our own actions, their actions) and sometimes we may never know why and then we need to let them go, especially from our minds. To hold on to them means we do not free space or energy to meet others.

I’ve been thinking about various people in my life and through my life who are no longer part of it. Of course I am happy to never meet some of them again. Others, I think I miss sometimes, but if we were to meet now I doubt we would have very much in common. Yet… though many of these changes caused great sorrow,
I learned that their leaving often left room for better to come!

All of the people we meet on the journey of our life are one way or another, our spiritual change agents. Bosses, colleagues, neighbours, friends, family, partners – there’s no distinction in them being our teachers if we let them be.

By seeing them as teachers and spiritual change agents, we can let so much go! And why would we be angry at any of the less than totally positive people we’ve known, when all they were doing is fulfilling our purpose to be all that we can be?

That includes those who are our deliberately positive change agents. Those who know who we are and still love us, those who are brave enough to ask the hard questions, and who stand by us when times are tough. Angels who at the right time have said the right thing, or just turned up on our doorstep when we need them. Those who knew we needed a coffee – or a cocktail! Those who connect us to a teacher, a book, a course, a different view point or way of being.

Mine have challenged me to grow, change, stand up for myself, move, learn, to take the risk to love again – and to take responsibility for my life.

They’ve taught me much about myself and others, shown me how to find my voice – and that I cannot work where there’s a conflict with my values. They’ve introduced me to passion, humility, love, contentment, grace and happiness. They’ve made me see that I can always choose my thoughts – and thus my attitudes and actions, so happiness is always possible for me.

They have shown me I am a teacher, student, writer who helps people live better, brighter futures. And they are showing me how to love, nurture and inspire myself. I am who I am now because of them all, I value what I have because of them too, and I’m now truly grateful for them all.


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