Project Me 19/101 Try Something Different: Surrender

The law of twice. If within a short period of time you get the same message, listen. Even if it comes from different sources or in different ways. So two people mention an unusual book? Perhaps it’s time to read it. One person mentions a new idea to you and you turn on the TV and there’s a programme on that exact thing. Over time, I’ve learned to be curious about this aspect of life.

I sometimes use Cheryl Richardson’s Grace App. I love the pictures and I love the gentle loveliness of each card. 50 cards and randomness mean the chances of you getting repeat cards are very low – but it happens. Particularly if you are not listening. The day I thought about this Project Me being a sort of pilgrimage I pulled a card. Haven’t done that in a while. It said Surrender. “Surrender is the key to open the door of grace.”

Hhhhm, I thought. Didn’t expect that one. Why do I need to surrender? What do I need to surrender? I don’t like the idea of surrender. It means I have to give up control – and as a recovering perfectionist, that’s an alien concept. So I dismissed it. I do that when I don’t like an idea 😉

But it seems to be something I must consider more deeply, as I read this today again, “by accident,”:

Very little grows on jagged rock. Be ground.
Be crumbled, so wildflowers will come up where you sit.
You’ve been stony for too many years.
Try something different. Surrender. ~ Rumi

You’ve been stony for too many years. Does this refer to my failure to nurture and care for myself? Things are getting shaken up – yet isn’t that necessary if things are to grow? My two favourite flowers are bluebells and snowdrops and last week in Inveraray we came across a fairy foxglove growing on the walls. What is more beautiful than a wildflower?

Be ground.

Be crumbled.

Try something different.


I’m listening

0 thoughts on “Project Me 19/101 Try Something Different: Surrender

  1. thelifeallotment July 14, 2012 / 4:54 pm

    Maybe it’s telling you that you don’t have to be the rock that you have been for so long, for so many, Caroline.  It’s far better for you for growth to take place when you can allow yourself to become part of the growth, allowing it to happen through you and within you rather than just all around you. Surrender to it and allow it to happen. X

    • happinessvirus July 18, 2012 / 2:27 pm

      I love this.. that’s a cracking metaphor! And yes, as Leslie said to me today in a lovely photo.. I don’t surrender, I quit! That’s what I am looking for.. flow… and the lessons are coming so fast, step by step, it’s just one miracle after another really x

  2. Jan July 15, 2012 / 11:10 am

    Food for the Soul. Thank you Caroline.

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