Project Me – 38/101 – Support Team 2 Gratitude

Day 38/101 – Project Me – Movement

 I find my world didn’t collapse as a result of me prioritising me; instead, I find I have a whole new support team. Having realised it was movement that was missing – well all I can say is, I’m moving – in a gentle nurturing type of way, because my normal pattern is to decide to get fit again, go hell for leather, and then injure myself. I’ve lost count of the injuries now, but they include broken toes (13 times. There’s that number again!), pulled Hamstrings, sprains on ankles, tendinitis, back & neck pain, and sciatica.  The worst was damaging my coccyx in 2006; it caused pain in nearly everything I tried to do – but that miracle of falling hard on it again earlier in the year seems to have sorted it for me.

I’ve signed up to walk 10k for Marie Curie, I’m dancing, walking, cycling, and even playing badminton again after all these years.  I’m moving more in the office too.

And my support team?

 –  My best friend (aka my wee “sister”) joins me in the 10k walk;

– Andrew and Lee go cycling with me, and Andrew stay behind me, acting as personal coach to push myself a bit harder. I listen, I push – and I stop when that’s right too;

– I decide I might like to get into badminton again and book a court, and Lee joins me, buying us rackets, and Emma and Andrew come too – and it was great fun;

– Emma encourages me to join a small local gym where you can pay on a daily basis

– I’m dancing more

Thanks guys, I appreciate it x

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