Project Me – 4-7/101 – High days and holidays

On the face of it, holidays would appear to be a way of nurturing yourself.  After all, it’s a break from your routine – what you save up all year for, or perhaps even use as your motivation for working in the first place.  It’s a time you spend with those closest to you doing something you want to do or going to a particular place you want to go, yet I know that many people find holidays stressful, and many women run themselves ragged organising things for everyone and then trying to keep the peace.  There are so many things to remember beforehand to cancel, organise or pack, a long journey with too many are-we-nearly-there-questions or comfort stops and children cramped into a small space, alongside weather that disappoints and great expectations not met.   I’ve been there and done that, so when my husband and his business partner decided to organise a summer weekend away for themselves and their better (and not so silent) halves, I thought I’d try and view it differently this time.

It helps that my husband sees any trip away as an adventure of some sort. and I guess if you view a trip like that, then even if there are problems, they aren’t insurmountable, they are just something you need to deal with.  Normally, I organise things with military precision, organise things for us to do in the time there, book in spa treatments if I can afford it, take four books to read in my “spare time”, and worry if others are enjoying themselves, even though that is largly out of my control.  This time, instead of rising at the break of dawn and heading off to pack all the things I had planned in, I took my time to get ready and packed and leave –  as it really didn’t matter when we got to the hotel. I relaxed and enjoyed the scenery, and the radio as we drove. I went with the flow and just enjoyed our afternoon in the bar catching up with it’s amazing view of Loch Fyne. 

Instead of staying up past my bedtime and talking to silly o’clock (then feeling terrible the next day), we decided to head to bed early and catch the last brilliant half hour of Andy Murray in a match at Wimbledon.  I didn’t feel I needed to be anywhere or do anything, say anything or organise anything; this was a new experience for me – but this weekend, I decided to take my foot off the pedal and just go with the flow, putting no pressure on myself – or anyone else.  I slowed down, relaxed, enjoyed myself, laughed a lot – and came back refreshed and ready for the week ahead.  It helped that I kept asking myself the two questions I’ve been asking myself throughout the day for the past week – and I’ll share those with you tomorrow..

0 thoughts on “Project Me – 4-7/101 – High days and holidays

  1. Maganda Photos July 2, 2012 / 9:33 pm

    It is amazing what a change in our own attitudes and perspectives will do to help us enjoy ourselves! Good for you Caroline!

  2. thelifeallotment July 14, 2012 / 3:29 pm

    Sounds to me that you may be happiest when you take your foot “off the pedal”! X

  3. happinessvirus July 18, 2012 / 2:21 pm

    It’s taken me a long long time to realise this.. x

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