Project Me 8&9/101 – Too Busy To Refresh My Spirit

Louise Hay says “all the theory in the world is useless unless we know how to apply it and make a change.”

I’m at the stage of learning the theory, so can cut myself some slack. And after the last few days, I need to.

Days when on the face of it, I should have been nurtured. After all, I had an adventure, stayed at a lovely hotel, ate amazing food and spent time with some good friends. But there were also days of no space to refresh and calm my spirit as there were much to busy days at work plus how I felt plus getting upset over money – and then being subject to an attempt to steal what money I had! Thankfully my bank caught it and alerted me but I’ve had to cancel my bank cards as a result. Now if that ain’t the Law of Attraction in operation, I will eat my hat! So a good lesson there – to nurture myself in what I focus on. Which I was also reminded of last night by some good friends too; my attitude is my responsibility.

So instead of continuing my downward path of yesterday – including setting the grill alight & later forgetting I had put ham on to cook (because all the windows were open to let the smoke from the fire out – so I didn’t smell it!) – I went to bed early. THAT was good for me, and probably for everyone else around me, and not just for the sleep.

When I woke I asked myself what was going on? What was different? And came back to my first point. I wasn’t too busy to refresh my spirit; I had chosen not to do it. I had chosen to spend my time in other ways rather than spend time alone with my current spiritual books and my journal.

So guess what I’m doing today then? Yep. Shifting my priorities so I am first again.

And before I forget. The two questions. I’ve no idea where I found them alas, but someone recommended you stop throughout your day and ask yourself:
1 What am I feeling right now?
2 What do I need?

Powerful questions, or at least I’ve found them so. When I remember to ask – and listen and act on the answers.

0 thoughts on “Project Me 8&9/101 – Too Busy To Refresh My Spirit

  1. Tina July 5, 2012 / 6:04 pm

    Thank you for sharing your personal journey Caroline. Your words have given me a lot of food for thought – and yes, honesty to myself! I so appreciate that you set me on the road to journaling, which also asks for honesty when I write. I’ve given a lot of thought to the idea of ‘nurturing oneself’ and realise how alien the concept is to me – even when I’m writing, I feel a little guilty over time spent on me, when there are so many things I could be doing. Being a mum of two with a full time Career, didn’t leave a lot of time for ‘me’ , plus I grew up in a time when it might have seemed selfish to think of oneself. My children have long flown the nest, yet it still doesn’t settle that well with me and I,too, find reasons not to meditate or take out quiet time. I will make the time to fit it into my day – there, I’ve said it now 🙂 Good Luck! xx

    • happinessvirus July 8, 2012 / 8:37 am

      I think when you get used to nurturing others, it can be easy to forget to nurture yourself. I think perhaps that’s what I’m now learning for myself.. and it’s great that you are taking time to fit that quiet time into your day xx

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