Project Me Day 1/101

Day 1/101 in my Big Brother House started a little bit earlier than other days as I have an earlier commute, getting the 6.34 train to Glasgow. The other three days, I now start work at 9, so can get the next train up (I have the grand choice of two!).

Since I’m a lark, and waken before 6 normally, this change gives me an opportunity to exercise before I get to work when my energy is normally higher! It gives me an extra hour which I could use to sleep but won’t, although I know “enough” sleep is part of nurturing myself, for me that will mean getting to bed earlier. And not falling asleep with the electric blanket on like I did this year (& them woke up “dying” in the middle of the night just before a case of spontaneous human combustion!)

A good friend was diagnosed with cancer a few years back and since that has got increasingly healthier & fitter. She now gets up early three days a week to go to a boot camp type of exercise! She will inspire – and encourage me – to start, and to keep going. Just for now, though, I’m going to exercise in a nurturing kind of way.

And that’s an interesting point. One of my team Caroline is training as a coach and I am a guinea pig for her. (She’s a naturally brilliant coach). We were discussing my reluctance to exercise & we realised it was mainly down to fear. Fear of losing what keeps me “safe” (the mind works in a peculiar way), and failure of injury. I used to be very fit. Ten years ago I swam, cycled & walked for miles and hit the gym three or four times a week. Then I started to get injured. Ham strings, broken toes, knee injuries, shoulder & back injuries, tendinitis & I badly hurt my coccyx. In hindsight, I can see this was because I was sabotaging myself – but also because I went hell for leather, pushing my body and not listening to it, not warming up/cooling down, and not testing when I should have.

So that needs to change. It started to change when my friend asked me a question. Questions are always the answer. She asked me if I could find ways to exercise while nurturing myself. And so something moved me from stuck, I got on my bike after some years absence – and got home again some 10 miles later! That was then; the other evening, my husband and son came with me on another cycle which was about 4 miles long. At a certain point I had to stop and lie down as I was sure I was going to be sick or faint as my blood pressure had dropped – but I also realised I had been pushing myself too far for my level of fitness. Now don’t get me wrong – you only get fitter by pushing yourself a little more tomorrow than you did today, but I am guilty of pushing too hard. So that’s something else I need to remember. It’s MY fitness and health that matter just now.

I’ve set my day up well. Meeting one of team Caroline for coffee at lunch time – another change, as normally we meet for lunch but I don’t eat wisely when I’m catching up with someone in about 35 minutes. I will exercise later depending on weather – cycle or walk. I like walking in the rain so that’s not going to deter me.

And another change is that I have a book to read on the train. I would often review or research on my commute, check emails and Facebook & Twitter etc but today I’m just going to read one of the books I bought at the Boswell Book festival. And as I’m in nurturing mode (note to self), instead of feeling guilty, i am just going to enjoy this 30 minutes of escaping to another world. Little changes add up to bigger ones in the end šŸ™‚

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  1. thelifeallotment July 14, 2012 / 2:44 pm

    Did you ENJOY your cycle? Did it help you to feel nurtured or happy?

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