Pursuit of Happiness: an action call to dare you to self-love

This is a guest post by Magdalena Bak-Maier – Author, Coach, Talent Development Architect, Creative and Entrepreneur, who says daring to be happier means taking the time to fall in love with oneself and discover one’s true spirit. Please read on. Be blessed.

So many people go on about wanting happiness. What is it? How one finds it? Keeps it? As someone working with others to improve their lives, it is clearly something that I’m thinking about a great deal. I run seminars based on my book Get Productive! which concerns holistic productivity or a balance within life and work and that certainly links with happiness in a big way. My standard opening to this sort of work is always the same question. What are you really looking forward to in your work and life in the next 1-3 months? The question often proves harder to answer than one would assume initially.

In my life, at work I can really say I’m looking forward to Day 2 of a career accelerator programme I’m running with NHS nurses. It’s inspiring to see people reach for their dreams and take their fear with them to achieve better working lives, promotions, aspirations. And for us to journey together is something that defines all my leadership programmes. I’m equally looking forward to another programme for research leaders that will take this sort of journey into deeper domains of spirit, heart and inner truth next January. It is demanding but highly rewarding work.

In my personal life, I’m really looking forward to more walks in the country, seeing the leaves turn colours, accompanied by people I love and with whom I like sharing my thoughts and life. I’m looking forward to warm drinks at city markets this time of year, a cozy scarf and a bit of laughter but always true connection. And I’m looking forward to a visit to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

There are others things of course in the 3 month landscape; and here’s the crux of it. Many things we do that really make us happy take planning. The trip needs train tickets that need booking, dates to be put aside, and a mindset of true curiosity, willingness to leave the city behind and give up a weekend to this activity. Only giving up is the wrong phrase as nothing about it feels like giving up. The heart yearns for the trip and the mind gets behind it.

Working with others on creating great lives whether professionally, personally or both, daring to be happy means knowing what that is or taking the time to work it out. This means listening to your heart’s whisper. The mind will fill you with many needs and shoulds and existing priorities but unless you honour your inner truth, time will slip and happiness erode with it.

 Give yourself time to simply be on your own.
 Get curious about activities that bring you alive and where you experience your best energy.
 Schedule activities in your diary that refuel you.

So what if you don’t know what really makes you happy? And it’s ok not to know by the way.

 Experiment by trying out different things to see what you like.
 Revisit your childhood or other happy times for clues to guilt free fun.
 Work with a professional counselor, therapist or coach to help you gain clarity.

Daring to be happy means taking the time to fall in love with oneself and discover one’s true spirit. This can emerge from being with others but sometimes it emerges best when we’re on our own. Noticing how that inner energy and spirit dances with work and life and where it burns bright and when it withers away. From the place of knowledge, action and practice happiness is no longer a goal. It’s a simple way of life. Dare to discover it. Dare to put it in action however small the steps may seem to start with. Dare to self love and live a happy life.

If you want more inspiration and practical advice you can:

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