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A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.  ~Phyllis Diller

You have to see happiness to spread happiness – and I just love Ruth Kaiser’s vision because she knows that happiness is always right in front of your eyes.  Spontaneous Smiley’s are everywhere – start looking for them.  I’m delighted that Ruth has written this guest post for me.

I just overheard the conversation of a group of young people talking about how their lives had changed since they’d graduated. No more Halloween Parades or Pajama Days or field trips. Oh, did I forget to mention, they were graduates of Elementary school.

Do we have to stop going on field trips when we leave 5th grade? I don’t think I want to go along with that; it seems like a crazy restriction. How about we all decide to institute fieldtrips for grown ups?! Remember how you got to poke around and ask endless questions. I’m not ready to close the door on that kind of fun.

Last week before I even had this idea, I was talking to a guy I hardly knew and without really planning to, I invited myself to come to his job site. A great big construction site with tons of cool equipment! I’d like to poke around and ask a bunch of questions (And for sure I’d find a bunch of Smileys!).

I promised to wear a hard hat and follow the rules, and that I’d understand if he couldn’t say yes, but if I could visit, I really, really want to come, I’d even bring snacks and did I mention I’d promise to follow all the rules?

The guy seemed a little startled at first, but then I could see the idea growing on him. As we talked about the details he started listing all the cool stuff he would show me. It’s almost like I’d invited him to show off. Who wouldn’t like to be given permission to show off?

I think everybody should get to go on field trips AND get to lead field trips. It’s totally a win-win situation. As attendee you get to explore. As a host you get to show someone else what you do with your days.

Think what we could learn about each other, how much more we would understand them, if we understood how they spent their days. I am often struck by how little we know about even our closest friends. It’s a pleasant surprise to learn new things about them:
     “When I was in a rodeo . . .”
          “What?! You were in a rodeo?”

Here’s to having the gumption to ask for a field trip the next time someone tells you something that peaks your interest! Me, I went to the Firehouse and asked if I could look around!

 Smile. Be happy.

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