All you need is love

I’m a fan of Marianne Williamson – her books have inspired me over the past 16 years or so.  A friend recently told me about how she walked out on to the stage after the Paris shootings, and said that we needed to send love out to the city – and that included the terrorists.  She had misread many in the the audience.

But then she wasn’t coming from the point of the audience.  She wasn’t denying the horror, she was simply coming from her truth.  She is a long standing teacher in the Course in Miracles, which teaches that what we believe, we perceive; so since she believes that ultimately love is what matters – what will transform the world – then that’s what she sees, and how she lives.  And though I may have been where those in the audience were, I just thought wow, she really lives her truth, and it’s transformed her in the process.

How we think – what we perceive – is how our lives unfold.  If love is really what matters to us, we will look for it and find it, and we will be it.  What if we lived today, looking at the world from the eyes of love, or the eyes of what we feel is missing from our life – friendship, compassion, kindness?  What if that’s all we tried to focus on being and seeing? How would our day change?

Do let me know what you chose, and how you got on…


10 Non Random Acts of Kindness

In her book, “Invisible Acts of Power,” by Caroline Myss, she says the energy of grace is shown in the power of love, kind words, kind thoughts and compassionate response.

She asked people to give her examples of these that meant the most to them – and I think you will be surprised at the resulting top 10. You might think that it is the big things people remember – but it’s the little deliberate (non random) acts done in love and kindness that have the biggest impact.

This week then, I am sure you could do one or two of these:

1. Hold a door open
2. Smile
3. Offer a kind word and encouragement
4. Give a compliment
5. Listen without interruption
6. Make a call when your intuition tells you to
7. Offer a prayer for a homeless person
8. Pray – period
9. Forgive others and yourself
10. Prepare a meal for a friend.

Her 13th point – and you know how I love the number 13 is this.

“Remember the truth that there is no such thing as a small or insignificant act of service.” Caroline Myss

Go! Go out and serve – and be blessed. Namaste


Letting it go & bringing it on

2012 has brought me many lessons already. I know:

– my body does not like sugar any more, as it stings my mouth
– I fear silence much more than I thought
– I want approval – or at least encouragement & validation – even when I know it doesn’t matter
– clearing the space for inner work is vital for my soul’s growth & my journal is as precious to me as gold
– I don’t understand much of what’s happening but I know it’s “all good”
– I am enjoying going more slowly already
– I have lived too long in my head with my Master NLP, Hypnotherapy, Reiki & all the studying & reading I’ve done on happiness, thinking & brain/body links
– its time to re-connect to my body & emotions fully, as without this I have a one dimensional understanding of happiness
– I’ve more discipline than I thought (thanks Richard Bandler)
– Removing the ego is hard. It’s stuck with superglue and sewn under my skin. Like learning compassion, I’m realising this will be a life-long lesson for me
– It hurts, this change, this stepping into the silence that means I truly know myself. And I had forgotten how painful change can be, even when I want it.

And that’s just for starters. As I was thinking about this I realised that what really matters this year is me. I need to love, inspire, nurture & encourage me & then do the same for others. If I walk my path with integrity then this will all come back to me as I attract what I focus on. So it’s all good again.

And then I read Louise Hay’s thought for today which says, “I give to others all the things I wish to receive.” Now that’s a miracle of validation 🙂
That’s all I’m meant to do. It’s time to put aside my fears, it’s time to just relax and be me, and that also means it’s time to let everything else go.

So then; let me let those go of anything that no longer serves my higher good. I have no need to hold on to anyone who do not wish to hear what I say. They are simply marching to the beat of their own drum after all. Let me let those go who see no value in anything I do, knowing their eyes scan what is irrelevant to them and settle on what brings them beauty and meaning. They have walked with me until now, but I must give them freedom to walk their own paths and let them go in love. And wish them joy.

I’m just grateful that I all-ready know that letting go is what creates space for the new and wonderful-to-come. Bring it on!

You are the storyteller

We all have our own stories, part visible, part hidden. How we choose to live is our story too, and we must own it and live the life our heart longs to live. Yet too often, we live a life that’s bound by what we tell ourselves even if that is based on out of date or incorrect information or values.

We are not children any more. So why do we allow our parents or teachers voices to ring in our heads when we are free to choose what we want to hear instead?

If there was no encouragement given, if others fears were projected on to us, if little love or hope was offered, or what we remember is negativity or criticism, this is not our truth. It’s simply our past – and it’s time to forgive and let it go. Nothing you do or think will change it, and holding on to it is holding you back from being all that you can be.

People do the best they can at the time. It’s how you live your own life, so don’t expect others to live more perfectly than you. They simply did what you did, and lived out THEIR parents and teachers values, belief and examples, without question – except where they chose to break free and tell a different story. And you are no different.

If you choose to see it that way, your past has been your apprenticeship. It has brought you to where you are now. And you are the edge of the future of your own choice where you are responsible for your own life, with control of your thoughts.

Every action is first a thought. Until now, when you failed to treat yourself lovingly, when you hesitated before doing something you wanted to do, when you failed to speak (or chose to be angry and silent) or didn’t act because you were worried about what others might say, your thinking was wrong. You were thinking negatively, from a place of judgement, lack and fear.

Choose to live instread with confidence, love, joy, hope and peace. You are loved. You are already good enough. You CAN do what you want; climb higher, reach further, and walk on the wire that’s YOUR life.

Your future starts now, and it’s the perfect time to start talking to yourself in a different way. Choose your plot, choose your ending. Be your own hero, live your own adventure, weave your own magic – because YOU are now the storyteller

Putting people in boxes and drawing hard conclusions

Ever noticed that some people just don’t seem to help themselves? That they make life more difficult than it needs to be? Don’t they just make you mad when they complain all the time yet change nothing? Or when they confess they feel isolated or lonely – yet never ask anyone to meet THEM for a coffee? And they feel overwhelmed – yet never ask for help?

Ever thought you could be talking
about yourself? Any day of the
week, just now, in the past – or in
the days that lie ahead?

As observers, we are so quick to judge others often, walking as we do in our hob nailed boots instead of their slippers. Or high heels or trainers. We judge by our own standards – as if we’ve got life sorted – when the reality is the only person we can ever judge like that is ourselves. And we don’t even have the right to judge ourselves, let’s not forget.

If someone isn’t meeting their own standards or is struggling, we think we have the right to wade in with our loftiness & lack of compassion – and then we wonder that they feel even worse about themselves.

I read this today.

It’s easy to live the people who are standing hard and fast, pressing on to meet their higher calling.

But the ones who might be struggling, we tend to judge too harshly and refuse to try and catch them when they’re falling.

We put people into boxes and we draw hard conclusions, and when they do the things we know they should not do we sometimes write them off as hopeless and we throw them to the dogs.

Our compassion and forgiveness sometimes seem to be in short supply.”
Chris Girard

We cannot help but observe that others might be struggling, for whatever reasons. People do the best they can at the time. You may have the benefit of hindsight insight to see there are better choices they can make. You may know that you can choose your attitude, just as you know there are times you choose a less than totally useful attitude yourself. Allow others to be human too.

What matters is that they are struggling. We can observe passively, or we can observe actively. See the person, see the struggle, step into help. Be the catalyst – but only when you do this with compassion and forgiveness in your heart for the road they are on.

Lift them up, dust them down, and reassure them it will get better. Offer advice or practical solutions. Show a better way or different way – accepting they may choose another way entirely (or none) – because sometimes it’s too hard to see options when all you see is darkness.

Restore meaning and let them see the value of what they do – and who they are. Thinking differently about themselves or the issue brings change anyway. Prove you’re in it together at the same time as reminding them there is hope by your example; accept that you’re greatest learning in this area comes from the times when you are hardest of hard.  Have compassion on yourself, then and remember this.  You  might not just catch someone from falling. You might stop them from slipping over the edge in the first place.