Live Life Large by Sydney Philip

So many of us want to make a difference and so few of us believe that we can. But as human beings we were designed to dream, to create, to imagine, to express ourselves to share ideas, to progress. We don’t try because we don’t believe we can and we fear failure, we fear looking foolish, we fear the brutal consequences we imagine must lie in wait for the brave and adventurous. There are those who inspire us, those who teach us, those whom we can aspire to follow. And we can follow, we can be as brave and adventurous as anyone we know or have heard of. First we must shatter the myth that these brave and adventurous people know no fear. The fact is that those who ‘dare to do’ fear all of the same things that you do. The difference is that they don’t allow these fears to prevent them from pursuing their dreams and they fear other things more.

They fear dying without ever having truly lived, they fear being left with too many what ifs, they fear finding themselves at the end of their lives with a list of ‘dreams to do’ that have all been left undone. They choose to live “yes I can” not “no I couldn’t”. They choose to live LARGE.”

Sydney Philips


Great Life Advice on Trusting Who You Are

I pass this on, because I loved it.

Seek answers that feel right within your soul. Your soul knows what the truth is, and it will tell you through feelings. Always listen to your feelings. They know … they know.

Live, experience, feel. Do not seek to identify yourself. You will never have a point of understanding from which you can say, “This is who I am!”, for in each expanding moment of consciousness, of being God, who you are will have changed into the next moment of being.To know who you are is to feel what you feel each moment.

Never do anything, no matter how far you are into it, if you lose the joy of it and it becomes monotonous and mundane. Do away with it and do something else that brings happiness. For perhaps what you needed to learn from it you have already achieved. Go wherever you want to go, do whatever you want to do, for as long as you want to.

Create only for the mere joy of creating. When you create for you, you will soon find yourself living in joy.

Don’t ever strive to have anyone understand you.If they wish to understand, they will.

Love everyone. Have compassion for all other entities. You do not need to go and take care of them. Love them by allowing them to express however they choose. That is the greatest thing you can do! If they are angered or disappointed by your life, love them by allowing them to be they way.Then you have become a great god, a great light!

Author Unknown