Presents Painted In Disguise

I LOVE this guest post by Darren MacKenzie, as I have lived the truth in it. He makes some great points about storms in life – how we can weather these, and how sometimes they are “presents painted in disguise'” IF they put us back on track…

If we can only free the ego and focus on what is (acceptance), life would be a better more chilled out place. I like the analogy of the blowing tree and how it stands strong irrespective of the many gales, storms and hurricanes it has to contend with, not once does it complain or think ‘why me’. In saying that though – and as far as ego identification is concerned – crisis (health scare/divorce/bankruptcy) is sometimes all that is needed to put you back on the right path, and painted as a present in disguise.


Mama: What was your role during the crisis?

Liberia was a land where people were trapped in unending violence. One Liberian mother said, “My children had been hungry and across for their entire lives.”

In “Small Acts of Resistence,” Steve Crawshaw & John Jackson recount how 2003 changed that. Hundreds of women, all dressed in white, sat on the roadside on the President’s daily route. Day after day, through pouring rain and blazing sun, they returned – and the President mocked them for “embarrassing themselves.”

The snowball had started. Imams and bishops alike supported them. Religion or political affiliation weren’t the issue; freedom and respect were.

Lehman Gbowee, one of the protest leaders said, “We are tired of our children being raped. We are taking this stand because we believe tomorrow our children will ask us: Mama, what was your role during the crisis.”

At some point, all of us have the chance to say enough is enough; then we also have the chance to do nothing or do something. Knowing SOMETHING is better than nothing, it is then we know that we must take the risk of having people think we are “embarrassing ourselves.” All we can ever hope to be is one link in the change chain – but joined together, who knows where the strength of that chain will lead to.