The Best Ever Teacher’s End of Term Gift

A young teacher wanted her young students to leave her class knowing all she had taught them – and knowing
how to live a better life.

So she made each one a Happy Bag, with the following in it:

-a compass
– a boomerang
– a heart
– an eraser
– a pencil
– a golden ticket
– a glow band
– a toothbrush

And finally, she attached a note to each bag to explain the gifts….

In your bag, I’ve put lots of little gifts in it. They are reminders that happiness is a choice. The compass is to remind you that you will always find your way home. The boomerang is for kindness – you throw kindness out and it will always come back to you.

The heart is to remind you that you are always loved. The eraser is because it’s okay to make mistakes, and the pencil is so you can write down your worries and then throw them away, and write down your dreams and follow them.

The golden ticket is to remind you to keep reading and dreaming like Charlie Bucket. The glow band is to remind you to shine and lighten up the room you are in. And the toothbrush is not just to remind you to clean your teeth. It’s to remind you to smile, because sometimes your smile might be exactly what someone needs.

This young teacher is wise beyond her years.

She is also my beautiful daughter….