All you need is love

I’m a fan of Marianne Williamson – her books have inspired me over the past 16 years or so.  A friend recently told me about how she walked out on to the stage after the Paris shootings, and said that we needed to send love out to the city – and that included the terrorists.  She had misread many in the the audience.

But then she wasn’t coming from the point of the audience.  She wasn’t denying the horror, she was simply coming from her truth.  She is a long standing teacher in the Course in Miracles, which teaches that what we believe, we perceive; so since she believes that ultimately love is what matters – what will transform the world – then that’s what she sees, and how she lives.  And though I may have been where those in the audience were, I just thought wow, she really lives her truth, and it’s transformed her in the process.

How we think – what we perceive – is how our lives unfold.  If love is really what matters to us, we will look for it and find it, and we will be it.  What if we lived today, looking at the world from the eyes of love, or the eyes of what we feel is missing from our life – friendship, compassion, kindness?  What if that’s all we tried to focus on being and seeing? How would our day change?

Do let me know what you chose, and how you got on…


What did yesterday cost you?

This is the Beginning of a New Day.
I can waste it…or use it for good;
but what I do today is important,
because I am exchanging a day if my life for it.

When tomorrow comes,
this day will be gone forever,
leaving in its place something that I have traded for it.

I want it it be gain and not loss,
good and not evil, success and not failure,
in order that I don’t regret the price
I’ve paid for it.

I will give 100% of myself just for today
for you never fail until you stop trying.
I will be the kind of person
I have always wanted to be.
I have been given this day
to use as I will.



10 Non Random Acts of Kindness

In her book, “Invisible Acts of Power,” by Caroline Myss, she says the energy of grace is shown in the power of love, kind words, kind thoughts and compassionate response.

She asked people to give her examples of these that meant the most to them – and I think you will be surprised at the resulting top 10. You might think that it is the big things people remember – but it’s the little deliberate (non random) acts done in love and kindness that have the biggest impact.

This week then, I am sure you could do one or two of these:

1. Hold a door open
2. Smile
3. Offer a kind word and encouragement
4. Give a compliment
5. Listen without interruption
6. Make a call when your intuition tells you to
7. Offer a prayer for a homeless person
8. Pray – period
9. Forgive others and yourself
10. Prepare a meal for a friend.

Her 13th point – and you know how I love the number 13 is this.

“Remember the truth that there is no such thing as a small or insignificant act of service.” Caroline Myss

Go! Go out and serve – and be blessed. Namaste


Let me leave heartprints

I’ve woken to a wintry morning (freezing, with snow on the ground and more forecast), and I’ve got a really sore throat as a precursor to a bad cold.  Duvet days sound like a great idea – and on days like this, you need to work on your attitude, let me tell you! Being Pollyanna doesn’t always come naturally.   So I’m going to think about this poem as I go through my day.  It will remind me to focus on leaving the right sort of imprint, help me remember that whoever I’m talking to may have problems I’ll never be aware of, and it will ensure Iconnect with people through the day instead of just bouncing off them lightly. 

I’m going to leave some sort of imprint, so let me consciously make it a good one.

Whatever our hands touch –
We leave fingerprints!
On walls, on furniture
On doorknobs, dishes, books.
There’s no escape.
As we touch we leave our identity.
Wherever I go today
Help me leave heartprints!
Heartprints of compassion
Of understanding and love.
Heartprints of kindness
And genuine concern.
May my heart touch a lonely neighbor
Or a runaway daughter
Or an anxious mother
Or perhaps an aged grandfather.
Send me out today
To leave heartprints.
And if someone should say,
“I felt your touch,”
May they also sense the love
that is deep within my heart.
Author Unknown