The Princess and the Phoenix: 22 lessons in life

All that is good NOW in my life is as a result of anything that was less than totally positive in the past. My past has been my teacher and what lessons I’ve learned!

I have learned:

1. To use my own voice and roar if I need to
2. To live my life from a place where my boundaries must be respected
3. To know what it is to be cherished
4. To be loved for who I am – because I’ve also known what it was to be loved for who people thought I was
5. To be broken – and know what it is to be entirely humbled – but that I can rebuild beauty
6. To live from a place of compassion rather than judgment
7. To never to settle for less
8. That I’m a princess and that’s a given
9. Great passion, so I can love more
10. Great sorrow, so I can understand others pain
11. To no longer be always strong, so I could become a woman of strength
12. That crashing and burning can mean you rise from the ashes like a Phoenix
13. That taking the wrong roads leads to blisters, but you can still have adventures while you are getting back on track again
14. To take directions from my heart and trust that the Universe and God has my back
15. That no-one wants me to be perfect, they just want me to be real
16. To step up and into the gloriously wonderful uniquely flawed me
17. To see the wounded angel inside those I meet
18. That carrying the past around me robs me of the energy to step into my future
19. To appreciate the beauty in all the seasons of my life
20. That the fact “this too will pass”, and no one will talk about this in a hundred years always gives me perspective
21. That I have been blessed and seen the unmistakable touch of grace and mercy on my life
22. And that, ultimately, those who have walked part of my journey with me and left for whatever reason, have blessed me. I release them to walk their own paths and I wish then hope, peace, love and happiness.


What’s Your Purpose?

What is your purpose, your “destiny?” Some people have no desire to find out while others know what their purpose is early on, and follow it. Most of us do not have that clarity. Neale Donald Walsche says your destiny is whatever you decide it will be. Which makes it a lot easier than waiting for inspiration or an angel to tap you on the shoulder and point your purpose out to you, because it’s right there in front of your face.

I believe the difference in the world is just one person, and each of us can choose to be that one person. I believe that when we match our skills, interests and desires with passion and enthusiasm, we find our destiny. It may be the desire to right wrongs, to raise a family, teach, change, help, support, minister, see good triumph over evil, know joy and bring joy, inspire, nurture or encourage. Or it may be something else entirely. Only you will know as this is uniquely your path to walk and discover. And in discovering, our passion and enthusiasm kindles the fire that brings light to the dark places.