Metrophobia is a fear of poetry! How can you be afraid of poetry? Sometimes people get upset that they don’t understand a poem’s layers or subtle (or totally obtuse) meanings, sometimes it’s teachers who insisted poems meant one thing and you didn’t agree and argued “but how do you KNOW that’s what they meant?” (That was me!) and sometimes, by fearing a teacher and having to learn 10 or 20 lines for the next day makes you miss the beauty of what you are learning and just remember the fear   I had one teacher who made me fear poetry and another who made me fall in love with it: thankfully I had that balance!

Whatever you learned back then, unlearn it – read it for yourself.  Find your own meaning and beauty and wonder….





The Power Of One by Ashish Ram

One song can spark a moment,
One flower can wake the dream.
One tree can start a forest,
One bird can herald spring.

One smile begins a friendship,
One handclasp lifts a soul.
One star can guide a ship at sea,
One word can frame the goal.

One vote can change a nation,
One sunbeam lights a room.
One candle wipes out darkness,
One laugh will conquer gloom.

One step must start each journey,
One word must start each prayer.
One hope will raise our spirits,
One touch can show you care.

One voice can speak with wisdom,
One heart can know what’s true.
One life can make the difference,
You see, IT’S UP TO YOU!

By Ashish Ram


The Next Step

What to do? What to do? We worry and fret when we have decisions to make – and we can end up stuck where we are. We don’t trust ourselves or the Universe to do that. We get caught up in our minds, going from first step to last step – when all we have to do is take the next step.

The Next Step

The first step needs action to start it,
The last requires patience to end,
So we question, which one’s most important,
When we realize our dreams’ our best friend.
Well, the answer is neither, they’re equal,
But the one that will help you win through
And connect what you start to the finish,
Is the next step that’s waiting for you.
Life’s dreamers are great Goal Achievers!
Their faith and persistence just blends
Into one awesome cocktail of knowledge,
That whatever they want they can get.
You see, they never visualize failure,
It’s success that they see shining through.
It’s essential to start and to finish,
But the next step is what you must do.

© Alison Wilson