Find your niche and then do it. Just do it.

Stop with your excuses. Who are you to hide your light and why are you not worthy of doing it YOUR way (to paraphrase Marianne Williamson!)?

Who are you to not just follow your heart and do it YOUR way?

What difference does qualfications make to your ability to change lives?

Focus on what you want
Believe in your ability to do it. Qualifications don’t equal results
Do it your way
Follow your heart

And let the Universe open doors for you as step by step, you keep walking YOUR path. Find your niche and then do it. Just do it.


What’s Your Purpose?

What is your purpose, your “destiny?” Some people have no desire to find out while others know what their purpose is early on, and follow it. Most of us do not have that clarity. Neale Donald Walsche says your destiny is whatever you decide it will be. Which makes it a lot easier than waiting for inspiration or an angel to tap you on the shoulder and point your purpose out to you, because it’s right there in front of your face.

I believe the difference in the world is just one person, and each of us can choose to be that one person. I believe that when we match our skills, interests and desires with passion and enthusiasm, we find our destiny. It may be the desire to right wrongs, to raise a family, teach, change, help, support, minister, see good triumph over evil, know joy and bring joy, inspire, nurture or encourage. Or it may be something else entirely. Only you will know as this is uniquely your path to walk and discover. And in discovering, our passion and enthusiasm kindles the fire that brings light to the dark places.