The Little Silence

It’s time to stop living your life so fast that you’re missing it. It’s time to find space for silence.

You might already know that you have no time to find this space, or you might say you have can see no space in your life to do this. But it’s time to stop living your life so fast that you miss it – and it’s time to stop excuses. You find time to do all the other things you want to – so now it’s time to do the things you need to.

It is possible for anyone to do this. Victor Frankl found he could do this in a concentration camp – surrounded by constant noise and wickedness – because ultimately, it was inside him. If he could do it in those circumstances, what excuse do you have that’s a reason?

In a busy, frantic world we may need to be creative to find ways to find such a place. If it is not in your home, are you able to get out and about? Could you just get a bus somewhere, with the better weather coming in? Could you find a church or sacred space to sit in?

Buddhist monks live with silence as a central tenet. Even when they work, it is called ‘meditation in action’. That would take practice for us – but actually, it takes practice for them too, as it’s not necessarily our natural state.

We simply must start somewhere. Space for silence is the gift we give ourselves as we move towards wholeness. Give your heart and soul and mind time to rest and reconnect.

Like the “little happiness” I’ve posted about before, it’s better to start by finding ways to get the “little silence”. Get up 15 minutes earlier than anyone else, get up in the middle of the night, stay up late. Change where you are, create a space, or find a sacred space that could be right in the heart of your busyness, and while not your ideal – for now, prove to be enough for now.