Nelson Mandela: The Difference Is One

You can change the world. Yes, YOU. The difference is always one. One person who chooses a different way, to act with integrity, to follow their heart and live their life and live their purpose. One person can change the world.

Nelson Mandela fought for freedom and respect for his people. That included violence in the early days, but prison changed him. Sometimes the things we think are are the end of the world are the doors to miracles. For he then chose understanding, to live and walk in peace, and to forgive; the game changer. He chose to talk and walk with respect for “the other”, to listen and really understand. He learned to walk to a different beat from many of his former colleagues, and in being true to himself, he changed many hearts, a country, a world for the better. He walked what he talked and he gave us all hope. He will always be one of my heroes. May he sleep well.

What have YOU done to make the world more beautiful today?


A cow and a house by the sea

I was sitting in church today and our minister said that when she was little, she told her dad that all she wanted when she was older was to own a cow and live by the sea. She said that she hadn’t persuaded her husband to put a cow in the garden – yet, but that she had managed to live by the sea for most of her life.

And one more thing

Then she said her father had said that she needed one more thing for her list. Whatever else she wanted to do, she needed to want the world more beautiful. Wow, I thought. A wise man. If everyone in the world had that as their aim, how would it change? If I had this as my aim, how would I change?

Making the world more beautiful

I’d be more thoughtful, remembering what mattered to others. I’d use my creativity to bring beauty and joy to others. I’d leave old relationships with more love, I’d live new relationships with wiser, deeper love. I’d watch where I shop, I’d reduce all my rubbish, I’d pick up the rubbish from streams and from roadsides. I’d look after this earth for the next generation, and plant trees, flowers and food. I’d be kinder to those I know – and be randomly kind to strangers. I’d give what I can to those who have need of it. I’d ensure that my home was a haven of order and beauty. I’d remember to stop and stare at a sunset. Or see how a tree buds in spring. I’d make sure my clothes were all mended and smart, I’d throw out what no longer fits me and make a new start. I’d appreciate freedom, and make sure I voted. I’d do what makes MY heart sing, as I know that allows others to do the same. I’d point others to hope.

What will YOU do to make the world more beautiful?