“I really enjoyed my journaling course with Caroline, her gentle energy coupled with her sense of humour and insightful observations make for a supportive and encouraging environment.”
– Stephanie Johnson

“I met Caroline on a course (a long time ago, now) and have considered myself exceedingly fortunate in doing so. She introduced me to journaling and taught me the difference between that and keeping a diary; that and so much more. Her teaching is subtle but powerful and it sustains the Soul. She leads by example; but it is her quiet and unassuming manner that allows surrender to the task at hand.
If your curiosity is piqued even slightly by one of her courses, then I would advise you to go for it – I cannot recommend them highly enough. Caroline is one of those rare people who on first meeting feels like someone who has known you forever, someone you know stands in their truth.”
– Leslie Marsh

“I found this course to be helpful, enlightening, and extremely useful in my day to day life. Caroline’s presentation of the course puts you immediately at ease and her warmth and engaging style makes you want to open up and share experiences with her and the group.  I found it very worthwhile.  I went home and tried journaling straight away and it’s amazing but I have seen a positive difference in how I do things and in how I think.”
– Brenda Egan

“Caroline’s Introduction to Journaling was lighthearted but jam packed full of terrific tips to get you started. After a little background on journaling itself we jumped right in and actually put pen to paper. No need to worry about the mind going blank as Caroline kept us on track with various guided questions to help us get started and to find purpose, clarity and focus in the writing.
It was encouraging to find there’s no right or wrong way to journal, just doing is the best way as it let’s the unconscious mind show you what’s in your heart.
There was a fabulous journaling exercise where we worked with a partner who recorded all answers to a prompt question in real time as we asked and answered a given question over and over. No filtering or editing, just everything as it came to mind! I learned the value of reviewing my journals once or twice per month looking for signs and patterns in behaviour, feelings and reactions. Uncovering positives and negatives that define or limit personal growth, increasing awareness around these moments and allowing adjustments to be made in the future.
I thoroughly enjoyed working with Caroline and finding ways to embed journaling into my self-care routine. The benefits are immeasurable and I would recommend the course without hesitation.”
– Maryanne

“I took part in Caroline’s ‘Introduction to Journaling’ course because I needed a way of trying to make sense of what was going on in my head, in my life and with my emotions at that time. I needed help to work out what I wanted to do next in my life. I was stuck and overwhelmed and felt confused.
Caroline’s expertise and skills in the field of journaling were amazing. I watched and listened with intrigue and admiration as Caroline opened up to the group about experiences she had gone through and how the tools and techniques she shared with us had changed her life in many different ways. Caroline guided and supported everyone from a place of experience and empathy which made it very real and, with this honesty, allowed a trust to develop within the group straight away. Many of our group still keep in touch.
Caroline understands where you are now and where you want to be, and is the perfect mentor to get you there. By using her amazing tools and techniques, this course can move you from that place of feeling stuck and overwhelmed to a feeling of clarity and focus and motivation.
We always look for excuses for not taking the time out of our lives for ourselves; work, commitments, children, money etc etc. However I can honestly say that Caroline’s workshop helped me to make significant changes in my life that have improved all of these things and more.
Since taking part in Caroline’s workshop, the tools and techniques she shared with us have become a part of my life and I would not hesitate to take part in any course Caroline was to offer in the future. I would, without question, recommend that you do the same if you have the opportunity. You will be so glad that you did. She is a beautiful, open, honest and thoughtful lady, a supportive mentor and now a lifelong friend.”
– Diane MacMurdie