The best gifts are not things..

“I don’t need anything for Christmas”

That’s been our story for the past few years, when asked what we would like for Christmas.
We’re grateful for all we already have and don’t see the need to add to the clutter of our lives. And yet…
And yet, we all like to open gifts – and it’s always good to be reminded that we give gifts to remember the world’s best gift. So this year, we decided to do something different.

There are nine of us now in our growing family. We each drew a name out of a hat. And will spend £40 on them.

£20 goes on things they love that are consumables

£10 is donated to a charity of their choice

£10 is spent on a voucher towards something they love – a massage, hair cut, track day, meal; they can pay the balance and enjoy it even more, knowing they aren’t paying full price

And finally they get a time voucher – a voucher that commits to us making time in our busy lives to spend time together in the next year. This will be doing something we both enjoy or want to see/visit/learn or we would enjoy as part of a bigger family event.

It’s an adventure in giving, and I’m really looking forward to Christmas morning…


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