The Boxiness of Boxes

This morning, I watched a video of a cat who knew he was a cat! Check him out on You Tube; he’s called Maro. And he knows how to live life at a slow enough pace to enjoy life – and he revelled in the happiness that small things bring. For him, as he dive-bombed into various empty boxes, he was just loving the little things like the “boxiness of boxes,” as Rachel put it.

It’s a rare talent. GK Chesterton lived his life like that. He was a prolific writer and social/political commentator who was defined by those who knew him as the personification of gratitude. In fact, before he died, he said the one thing he would pass on to the world would be to understand how important gratitude was – and how strongly it was linked to minute-by-minute happiness. (Way before his time as scientists have only relatively caught up with that). It was this minute-by-minute focussing – a form of mindfulness – that meant that every minute, there was something for him to be grateful/happy for. So well did he live this that he would often forget where he was – or supposed to be, as he had lost himself in the wonder and joy that little things like an ink blot and “inkiness of ink.”

Mindfulness, little things and happiness. Now, there’s my thought for the day …..

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