I’m passionate about journaling.

It has transformed my life and I know it can do that for you.

My new book launches 17 October 2019.  I am beyond happy with what the publishers have shaped it in to!  You can buy it here or in any good bookstore:

My first book about journaling (what it is and why it’s something you should try as a tool to transform your life) is here – Dare to be Happier: An Introduction to the  Power of Journaling to Transform your Life is available here:

Read the reviews and here are some other comments:

“Everyone has their Harry Potter moment: this book was my adult Harry Potter moment.” Gaelle

”Thank you Caroline your book has come at a potentially life saving time for me. I have been so busy at work, I had cancelled hospital appointments because I was so busy. Imagine that, literally putting work before my health! So it is a time to reassess my priorities otherwise I might not live long enough to enjoy the fruits of my labours and your book has also helped me see how I can make a start.” Christine

“I read your book from  cover to cover. Loved it!!! Simply loved it – will re-read it in due course (I take things in better when I read two or three times) but can’t wait to purchase a tastefully bound book to start journaling – despite being in an amazingly positive place emotionally at the moment, I’m aware of ‘issues’ running around in my head which I’m certain journaling will help make sense and enable me to deal with them more positively – absolutely such a great read. “ Jerry