The Prosperous Heart

I wanted to change my beliefs about abundance, money and prosperity, so I bought a few books to challenge my thinking. Yet I’ve resisted the lesson, as to date, I’ve only read one, The Prosperous Heart by Julia Cameron.

Most famous for her bookThe Artist’s Way, I hadn’t realised she was once married to Martin Scorsese, with more than enough money – yet was deeply unhappy. That rang a chord with me, needless to say, and I suggest you buy a copy if you are curious about what really drives your spending habits or debt.

One of the exercises is to recall where you have already felt prosperous. Do this exercise! “I feel prosperous when…”

Here’s my response. I felt prosperous when
…surrounded by my family at Brinsop Court, a medieval manor where I spent my 50th birthday. I was able to share the beauty and wealth of that place with those I love most in the world.
…When I spent a weekend with Lee in a wonderful French Gypsy caravan in the Scottish Borders.
…when I was in Korea and saw a man with no legs pulling himself along on a handmade cart, and when I saw the old ladies collecting old paper in wheelbarrows.
…when we went to Scott’s for our anniversary and enjoyed a whiskey tasting night – but not the year before when we went to a luxury hotel that was ruined by bad service.
…in Cumbrae,by the sea, in my busiest ever year, where I had space and time and a log fire… But not the next week when I also had a log fire but an old cottage at the edge if a desolate moor.
…when I stopped by a stall for Cancer support and gave the ladies who were wrapping Christmas presented a bag
filled with juice and fruit to say thank you, when I gave someone else some money and they could fix their windows.
…when I organised my mum’s surprise 70th and all those people came and she had no idea about it
…in Rome, with my girls, the Dolce Vita and the Colosseum.
…as I stepped off the boat to first see the island in the Maldives where we would spend our honeymoon, and when our houseboy said he would get to visit his family again in three months.
…when I bought my M&S winter jacket
…when I had A car instead of public transport.
…when I saw how the Bedouin women live.
…when I can order online easily.
…time spent on afternoon teas and at Jamies and the Butterfly and Pig.
…when I did without coffee in March to give that money to Comic Relief and when I donated over a £1000 to Cancer Support Scotland in lieu of birthday presents.
…when I walked the West Highland Way in slow stages with Madaline
…for a friend buying me a coffee when I couldn’t afford it
…when we sat the kids down, explained the debt mountain we needed to climb, telling them holidays were out and Christmas would be one small present – and my two young teenagers found out they had £100 in their accounts and offered it all to us.

These are the times my soul and spirit swelled with gratitude for all that I have. Lately, I’ve been focused on other things like my health, and forgotten to be grateful. That shocked me when I realised it but at least now I can do something about that. And I’m grateful that I can all-ways change 😉

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  1. Keri Kight September 5, 2013 / 6:40 pm

    This is just lovely. There are so many things in our lives to be thankful for. I’ve certainly changed the way I think about money, and life in general. It’s all about energy. When you put out positive energy, it comes back into your life.

    • DareToBeHappier September 24, 2013 / 2:26 pm

      Keri – it took me years to figure that out too. I guess the main thing I’d tell people is they can be happier. It starts with their thoughts which impact their beliefs and choices, then we start the ball rolling to create the world we want. We must be what we want, give what we want to have. You’ve nailed it..

    • DareToBeHappier September 24, 2013 / 2:38 pm

      I appear to reply and it disappears! Great to hear you are also changing your views on money, and flow of that and energy… thank you for taking time to comment..

    • DareToBeHappier September 24, 2013 / 2:32 pm

      Luzia, thank you so much and my apologies for late response as I wasn’t seeing comments made on my blog alas. I appreciate that, and would return the favour if I could figure out how to hyperlink my favourite blogs easily. For now, I’m following your blog though and hope to reblog something soon.. Thank you, Caroline

      • Luzia Light September 24, 2013 / 7:30 pm

        You are so welcome, Caroline, and I completely understand if you don’t pass this on to other blogs, it’s a pretty complex job and takes almost all day! 🙂 It would be nice if this was easier and simpler to do. That’s great that you’re following my blog now! Love it! Yes, here’s to inspiration. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Luzia

    • DareToBeHappier September 24, 2013 / 2:41 pm

      Thank you Luzia; I don’t have the skills to repeat and put hyperlinks to all my favorites, but I appreciate you including me and am now following your blog. Here’s to inspiration! Regards, Caroline

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