The right time for me to be “doing Caroline”

Life is full of suprises.  I’ve been re-reading what my theme for the year would be.  I said I “knew I wanted to see some changes,” so 2011 was “going to be the year when I gain a Healthy Balance of Creativity and Outrageous Joy.”

The best laid plans

It’s funny how you plan your life out and imagine “how it will be” -and most of the time it more or less works out the way you think it will.  And then again sometimes it doesn’t, and you end up somewhere you would never have anticipated.  2011 is shaping up to be one of those years, because six weeks ago, what I’m doing now wouldn’t even have been on my radar.  

A healthy balance

And though life is now constantly busy, I find I’m still just about managing to balance time with family and friends with everything else I’m doing -but I will have to keep this under review to ensure it is a healthy balance.  That’s the great thing about a theme, it can keep you on track.  On the healthy front, I’ve joined a walking challenge at work and continue to hill walk (roll on Sunday), but am still on the “gentle exercise instruction” from my GP. 


I’ve had lots of opportunities to be creative in ways I wouldn’t have foreseen either.  Scrapbooking and butterflies and birthday cards and writing were perhaps things I could have seen.  But I’ve also had to become creative in ways I wouldn’t have seen either, coming up with some great solutions to time issues or “problems.”  I’ve also realised I can create merry hell too, when I’m passionate about something – and perhaps most of the change in society we see happens when passion lies behind it.

Outrageous joy

I know that happiness is my responsibility; it’s how I think and how I react  Outrageous joy was a quantum leap – and at one point, I wasn’t even sure if I would recognise it.  I can; it’s when I throw my head back and just laugh at the wonder of the Universe’s timing – it’s when I dance with joy, and it’s when I am gobsmacked by serendipity/co-incidences, or call them what you will.  

The Last Samurai?

When we were doing our Master NLP course, we watched The Last Samurai – I love that film!  And the hero, who’d tried all sorts of things, had many mighty failures, left many a mess behind him and got quite lost at times was then quietly told “A man does what he can until his destiny is revealed.”  He had no idea what that would mean to him; but he found out.  Last night,  Jane Talbot who ran that course (amazing trainer) sent me a message that said, “I think you know what this means now.”

I do.  What I’m doing now (in all areas of my life) fits in with my reason for being here, which I worked out about four years ago – and let’s be honest, I’ve often forgot since.  I said I wanted to “heal and empower people through my words.”  A big personal mission statement, but it was the right one for me, and once anyone figures out their mission statement, they just need to keep being who they are where they are; it all just happens after that, step by step.  Looking back, I can see some of the bigger steps and decisions and actions that got me here.  I’ve also forgotten the vast majority of the day-by-day steps I took that were aligned to this  – and I’ve forgotten the vast majority of steps I took that weren’t aligned, which is quite convenient, but then we can only hold so much information in our head at any one time!  It’s been awesomely humbling to read some of the emails I’ve got that speak of hope and courage as a result of the little I’ve done already, but it’s been an incredible encouragement and reminder for me to just be who I am.  As one friend said yesterday, “This is obviously the right thing at the right time for you to be doing Caroline.” I love that.

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