Time Management – Top Tip

I’m an excellent time manager. I’m lucky as it seems to come naturally to me, though I’ve learned lots of tools & techniques over the years. Perhaps all that time juggling life with looking after four children who were aged five and under was really the best “school” I ever went to!

One of my friends thinks I have a Time Tardis, and another thinks I have 48 hours in my day. I have neither, of course, and I’ve written previously that these comments do not necessarily mean what I’m doing is right. Or even good for me or others around me. Having lived a life juggling so many things and wearing so many hats, this year is an adventure in slowing time down, doing less and learning to just BE.

But I thought I’d share my top time management tip with you, one I’m learning myself this year. It’s powerful and you have no idea how much time, energy and effort you will save. And here it is.

Other people’s business is none of my business.


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  1. Jan March 5, 2012 / 2:47 pm

    Love it!

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