You are the storyteller

We all have our own stories, part visible, part hidden. How we choose to live is our story too, and we must own it and live the life our heart longs to live. Yet too often, we live a life that’s bound by what we tell ourselves even if that is based on out of date or incorrect information or values.

We are not children any more. So why do we allow our parents or teachers voices to ring in our heads when we are free to choose what we want to hear instead?

If there was no encouragement given, if others fears were projected on to us, if little love or hope was offered, or what we remember is negativity or criticism, this is not our truth. It’s simply our past – and it’s time to forgive and let it go. Nothing you do or think will change it, and holding on to it is holding you back from being all that you can be.

People do the best they can at the time. It’s how you live your own life, so don’t expect others to live more perfectly than you. They simply did what you did, and lived out THEIR parents and teachers values, belief and examples, without question – except where they chose to break free and tell a different story. And you are no different.

If you choose to see it that way, your past has been your apprenticeship. It has brought you to where you are now. And you are the edge of the future of your own choice where you are responsible for your own life, with control of your thoughts.

Every action is first a thought. Until now, when you failed to treat yourself lovingly, when you hesitated before doing something you wanted to do, when you failed to speak (or chose to be angry and silent) or didn’t act because you were worried about what others might say, your thinking was wrong. You were thinking negatively, from a place of judgement, lack and fear.

Choose to live instread with confidence, love, joy, hope and peace. You are loved. You are already good enough. You CAN do what you want; climb higher, reach further, and walk on the wire that’s YOUR life.

Your future starts now, and it’s the perfect time to start talking to yourself in a different way. Choose your plot, choose your ending. Be your own hero, live your own adventure, weave your own magic – because YOU are now the storyteller

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